Fears that Keep People from Making Money

Understanding why most people are afraid of making money is simple once you understand the other side of the coin. Why are people afraid of losing money?

“I have failed over and over again in my life, and that’s why I succeed.”  – Michael Jordan

The answer lies in the fact that making money requires risk.  A risk of losing money.  Entrepreneurs are gamblers in a sense.  They take chances when starting a business.  That business has a chance to make a lot of money for the entrepreneur.

However, the fact of the matter is there are many obstacles that the business must overcome when initially starting up that cost money.  Most large business owners started out as small business owners with an idea or invention.  In order to make that idea a reality the business owner has to take chances when getting his business up and running.

The Sacrifice of a Startup

A startup is a new business in the early stages of development and operation.  During this time, an entrepreneur or founding group comes up with an idea for a product or service.

First of all, the entrepreneur has to sacrifice time and money to get his business off the ground.  It could take months if not years to get the business up and running to the point where it starts to generate income.

A lot of people don’t understand this sacrifice that a lot of business owners made to get to where they are.  Some of them might have worked a full-time job while building their business.  Others might have spent years on research and development before making that first sale.

Fear of Failure

What most people fear the most is failure.  They are afraid that their peers will judge or ridicule them for stepping outside the box, especially if things don’t turn out the way they planed.  They are driven to avoid failure at all costs just to avoid the pain of failure.

Entrepreneurs will only make it if they are not afraid of failure.  Some might feel fear but they know how to overcome it and don’t let it control them.  They know that others will question why they are doing what they are doing but don’t care.

The truth of the matter is that you cannot have success without failure.  You will in one way or another have to deal with failure.  It is how you choose to react to that failure that will determine your success.

You might fail hundreds of thousands of times but eventually you will have that breakthrough.  Keep learning from every failure and you will eventually succeed.


What drives you?  You must have something driving you that will help you push through the failures to get to success.  It can’t be money.  Drive must come from within.  Whether it is to do something for the greater good, to do what you love, or to prove everyone wrong.  You must have a deep seeded purpose for doing what your doing.

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