My First Mentor and Building Your Network Online

Connections that a real estate investor has are the lifeblood of his success.  Networking is a crutial first step that every new investor must take right away.  Someone who really wants to learn and invest will develop a sixth sense for building his/her network.  An aspiring investor will actively seek to create these connections just because something in his mind tells him that doing so will bring him closer to accomplishing his goals.  Follow this sixth sense and it will lead you toward mentors.

My First Mentor

At the beginning of my Real Estate investing journey, I met a real estate investor that I would call my first mentor.  At the time I was working as a direct care professional at a group home for mentally disabled individuals.  He was a retired coal miner from the southern part of West Virginia who had bought a couple single family houses next door to the group home.  The houses were fixer uppers that needed a lot of work.  Him and his brothers would stay in one of the houses for periods of time while they worked on fixing up the houses.

We soon started to form a neighborly relationship and when I wasn’t working I would stop by to see how his projects were going and offer to help out.  We would share our stories and ideas on home improvement projects, real estate investing, sports, and just about anything.

Just by building that relationship we had helped each other out in so many ways.  He was always happy to have a strong young guy around to help him with fixing up his rentals.  In the meantime, I was glad to have an experienced mentor that I could bounce ideas off of and get some advice.

Not to mention, once he found out that I was fixing up a house of my own he helped me out tremendously.  Mostly in the form of letting me use some of his discounts with hardware stores and shared his sources of getting wholesale materials.

Using the Internet to Build Your Network

In today’s internet driven world, it is easier than ever to build a network of like-minded people that can help you achieve your goals.  Years ago, you had to find all these people face to face.  Now you just to use a google search to find the people you want to network with.  We are all connected more than ever now you just need to discover the ways that you can better utilize the resources from the web to build your network.

  • Facebook –  There are new people profiles, pages, and groups constantly being created.  Facebook has tons of resources to build your network.  You can find groups and pages on just about anything you can think of.
  • Real Estate Investing Social Networks –  These are social networking sites for real estate investors.  Sites like BiggerPockets and are great for building your network through interactive forum discussions.  Also you can find events and seminars in your area.
  • Meetup – Meetup is a website that allows you to find like-minded people to meet.  You can search for upcoming meetups in your area to attend or create your own and invite people that you would like to attend.

Final Thoughts on Finding Mentors

My first mentor was someone I just met out of chance.  It just goes to show you that there are opportunities all around, if you keep an open mind then you will start to see them more and more.  The Law of Attraction is true, what you focus on in your life is what will ultimately happen.

Once you realize that, you will start to be very careful about what you choose to focus on.  Be careful to focus on the positive because it can go both ways.  If you focus on your fears, insecurities, and negative outcomes they will manifest into your life.  If you focus on the good and what you want to achieve then the right people and opportunities will show up and it’s up to you whether you want to pursue them and let the good manifest.


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