The Millennial Plague…Is it really their fault?


The millennial generation is getting a lot of criticism nowadays by the older generations for being too sensitive, entitled, and lazy.  They pretty much blame everything on the millennials, but do they ever stop to look at themselves?

I mean your grandparents gave birth to your parents and raised them.  Your parents gave birth to you and raised you.  But for some reason previous generations don’t see any relation and can’t seem to connect the dots.  There are some exceptions and not all of the older folks see it this way, but it is surprising how a large majority of them do.

The Millenial Plague

They think that all of a sudden, just magically society as a whole has all these problems and millennials somehow got infected with some disease that made them the way they are.So lets psychoanalyze the problems with millennials as a whole and try to understand why they are the way they are.

Millennials have a higher suicide rate than previous generations have ever had.  They have more anxiety, depression, and mental disorders.  Millennials are underemployed, with tons of student loan debt, and have more living with their parents.  Probably the most popular complaint about millennials is that they are given “participation trophies”.

Now ask yourself, who gave millennials these participation trophies?  The previous generation and their parents….Now who raised their parents to give out these participation trophies?  Their grandparents that were part of the previous generation…..Are you starting to get my point?

Imagine that you built a house.  You didn’t know what you was doing, you did everything wrong, everything was crooked, and eventually the house collapses.  Then you blame the house for falling down.

Gen X Trends

Gen X had pretty much all these problems too but the trend is getting worse with millennials, and will continue to get worse with the next generation because society and the environment they are raised into is creating them to be this way.  The government keeps spending more,  getting bigger, expanding it’s entitlement programs, running up the national debt, and running the country off a cliff with it’s irresponsible monetary policies that have been going on since well before the millennials were even born.  Before their grandparents were even born.

Another important fact to note is that millennial’s grew up in the internet age that makes a huge difference.  For the most part the younger generations seem to embrace this technological age and have no problem with learning how to use an iPhone or check an email, where as the older generation seems to hate all this new technology and they can’t seem to figure it out.

The Problem with Social Media and Technology

I would agree that technology and the internet mostly in the form of social media has fixed a lot of problems as well as caused a lot of problems.  Studies have found that social media causes a lot of anxiety and depression in the younger generation.  They are more connected than ever digitally, but are totally disconnected from having any true face-to-face connections with people.  Have you ever been in a room full of people nowadays and counted how many people are looking down at their phone.  This is the world that most of them were born into.

Psychology of “The Generation Blame Game”

When you look at the facts and think about the generation blame game it is very interesting.  It’s amazing how every older generation blames the newer generation for a lot of problems that they created.  This isn’t the first time that an older generation talks smack about the new generation.  In fact, this happens with every generation and it keeps getting passed on to the next generation.

Maybe someday the millennials will blame Gen Z or one of the other newer generations of young people for all the problems.  Millennials might say that they are lazy and brag about how great their generation was.

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