Tips for Organizing Your Work and Life to Achieve your Goals

Making the most out of your time is something that needs to be done in order to achieve your goals in life.  Time is a resource that is precious and scarce because everybody has a limited amout of it to spend.  Most people don’t think of time this way but the ones that do are some of the most successful people in the world.  Some goals might take years to achieve and without proper time management, these goals might take longer or never be achieved.

“Time is more valuable than money.  You can get more money, but you cannot get more time.”  –  Jim Rohn

Set Goals

Decide what exactly it is that you want out of life.  Set your goals then ask yourself how your going to achieve them.  Set long-term goals as well as short term.

Write everything down and keep track.  You are more likely to achieve goals if you write them down and have some way of keeping track of them.  The reason is that it gets your mind to focus on your goals and how you are going to achieve them.

As you keep track of your goals set milestones and for each milestone you achieve, reward yourself in some way.  This reward could be as simple as treating yourself to ice cream and just being able to look back and see what you have accomplished will do miracles in training your mind to achieve the goals you have set.

Setting goals, writing them down, keeping track of them, and rewarding yourself for each milestone you reach might seem simple but it’s proven to work.  You must have a clear understanding of exactly what it is that you want and be able to continually focus on your goals if you ever want to achieve them.

Get Organized

Keep track of your goals as well as any ideas you come up with in a notebook.  I like using a bullet journal to organize all my thoughts, ideas, goals, notes, to-do lists and just about anything.  A bullet journal is basically a planner system that allows you to plan for the future, keep track of the past, and organize the present.  You can use any kind of blank notebook to create a bullet journal or buy a notebook that is made specifically for a bullet journal system.

Sure a regular daily planner can be used and there are plenty of apps that you can download.  Yet, I have found that there are many advantages to using a bullet journal that help me plan faster and more efficient.  Using a bullet journal helps you deeply think about your ideas.  It gives you more flexibility by physically writing them down instead of typing them.

Use Apps

Nowadays, everyone has a phone on them at all times.  Phones are portable and easily fit in your pocket.  That can’t exactly be said for a planner or bullet journal.

When I’m on the go and don’t have my bullet journal with me I keep track using my iPhone.  I like to use the OneNote app to stay organized because it is very simple to use.  Additionally, you can keep track of everything in an outline style.  I use the calendar and reminder apps to remind me of any appointments, events, and things I need to remember to do because I am very forgetful.

Home Office Setup

Last but not least, having a good home office setup is crucial to starting your own business and achieving whatever goals you have set.  This might seem obvious, but it somewhere quiet if possible.  Make it comfortable and customize it so that it puts you in a productive mindset and allows you to get things done.  All you need is a desk, laptop, printer, and a filing cabinet. Invest in a good laptop if you have the money, but really you can get a new laptop from any retail store for under $400 that will do pretty much everything you need.  Use whatever works best for you to keep track and stay organized.

Learn, Plan, and Execute

Think of yourself as a cleaver cunning jewel thief.  You start out as just a young dumb criminal who wanted to score some fast cash with some small robberies.  The first few attempts were successful, but then you get a little cocky and get caught.

The Jewel Thief

During your prison stay you think about your heists.  What you did right and what you did wrong.  Then, you meet other jewel thieves and hear they’re stories.  Fascinated with they’re stories, you learn more and make connections with them.  After getting out of prison, you start robbing jewelry stores again.  This time your a little more prepared and you have a team of experienced jewel thieves to help you them off.

Then you want to pull off on of the biggest heists in history, but also don’t want to get caught.  So in order to do that you’ve got to become a mastermind and come up with an amazing plot to mitigate the risk of being caught as much as you can.  You begin by asking yourself “What is the best way to achieve this heist?”  You go over the plan over and over in your mind thinking of “what if this happens?” and “what if that happens?”

As you learn more about the layout of the heavily guarded museum, the plan is starting to take shape.  You learn the security guards patrol patterns, the security codes, and gates that need unlocked.  Everything is being thought of.  If plan A doesn’t work, then you’ve come up with plans B and C to fall back on.  Then you feel like you have got it all figured out and believe that your plan will work.  Then you execute that plan with precision, getting away with the jewels that everyone thought you could never get.

Form the Plan and Take Action

Obviously I don’t advocate being the best jewel thief of all time, but hopefully you see the analogy.  Based off of your goals, start deciding what is important and prioritize what you need to focus on.  Ask questions then find the answers.  Learn from other people who have achieved similar goals in their lifetime.  Find out how they got there and what it takes to get there.  You will also catch a glimpse of failures and mistakes that they made along the way.  Reading biographies and autobiographies are a great way to get inside the mind of your heroes.

Once you have a feel that you have grasped enough information and formed a good plan, TAKE ACTION.  Many people get stuck on the learning and planning phases forever and never take any action to achieve they’re goals.  Set ambitious, but realistic deadlines to achieve your goals and start taking some action right away.  You don’t need to know everything, you just need to know enough.

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