Why Not All Businesses are Greedy and Evil

People often see the end result of a successful business that is making a lot of money and rush to judgement.  They think these businesses are greedy and evil..

In today’s world it is harder than ever to start a business.  There are tons of rules, regulations, and taxes that are put in place to keep small businesses from succeeding and to keep the power in the hands of the huge corporations with all the power.

Do they really have all this power?  Or was the power given to them?…..By the government

Most people chose to play it safe with a job where they work for a business owner.  They want the safety and security of a job instead of making all the sacrifices and taking all the risks that the owner had to make to build his business.

The Work Ethic of an Entrepreneur

Have you ever bought something from or worked for the owner of a small business.  Ever notice that the owner is working longer and harder than all his employees.

Most people don’t think of that, they just see when he becomes really successful that he has a lot of money.  They think that he just sits there and collects his checks.

You probably know of a small business owner who became more successful and started making more money.  But did you ever stop to think of what it took for them to get there?

Evil Greedy Business Caused by Socialism

I’m not saying that all businesses are run by angels.  There are businesses out there that got their success by ripping people off.  Just look at what happened during the 2008 financial crisis.  Those banks lobbied for a safety net to be provided by the government.

They gave loans that they knew were risky and sold their worthless mortgage-backed securities.  These bank CEO’s gave themselves bonuses and stuck the American taxpayer with the bill.  It was pure evil.

People see the big bad corporations taking their money and they blame the problems on the capitalist system.  Little do they know that capitalism might actually be the solution.

The United States is labeled as a “capitalist” society, but is it really?  Actually, if you look at the facts the U.S. is leaning more towards socialism and communism than ever before.  The government has become so big that they are dictating every aspect of our “capitalist” system.

United States of America was founded on Freedom, Not Anymore

In a true capitalist system, the governments power is limited and very small.  The government is only there to protect peoples rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  Bigger government means more taxes and more regulation.  Does that sound like freedom?

In fact, the U.S. has become the exact opposite of what our forefathers had intended it to be.  Originally, if I’m not mistaken we came to this country to escape the tyranny of the British government with all their taxes, regulations, and less freedom!!!

The United States was formed on the idea that people should be free from a big government that tells them what they can and cannot do.  Sure it is necessary to have some government to keep society in order.

Also I do believe that human beings need to have their pollution and affect on future generations kept in check.  However the government should not be anywhere near as big as it is today.

If the government had limited power than they wouldn’t be able to do favors for these large corporations and special interest groups.  There would be no lobbying for laws.

The Banks that were “too big to fail” would have failed before they got so big because they wouldn’t have taken the risks that they did if government wouldn’t have intervened.

Why Capitalism May Be the Only Solution

Capitalism may fuel this cutthroat nature in many businesses.

Despite this, there are many businesses out there that are in the business of helping people first and making money is second.  Businesses are only becoming more evil and greedy because of the power they are given by the government.

There are some good honest businesses out there.  But there would be a lot more if the government would allow freedom.  The free hand of the market would keep out all the evil greedy businesses.  Capitalism would only favor those who provided the most value to the consumer.

The consumers best interest would be the business owners interest.  If the Business owner does not work to offer what the consumer wants, some other business will.


Once you start to understand this then you will start to re-direct your anger towards the root of the problem being this huge government.

If government was more limited like it was at the start of this country, we would have a thriving economy and a higher standard of living.  The lower and middle class wouldn’t be suffering from income inequality like it is today.


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